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A brief history of our program: since the early 2000's, Cabrillo Unified School District began to offer a School Readiness Program for four-year-old children who lived within the boundaries of the district and qualified for Migrant Education Program services. This School Readiness Program was named Los Listos after the name of the curriculum used in the program and was funded by a grant through the Migrant Education School Readiness Program. In 2014, a grant through the San Mateo Big Lift initiative supported the expansion of the school readiness program at Los Listos Preschool and since then makes this preschool program available for low three- and four-year-old children who live within the boundaries of the district and meet the income criteria. In 2016-2017, Los Listos Preschool began the process of applying for the state preschool licensing in collaboration with the San Mateo County Office of Education. In 2017-2018, we became a state preschool licensed under a subcontract with the San Mateo County Office of Education. We comply with Title V and Title 22 regulations and adhere to Community Care Licensing regulations to ensure the health and safety of every child. Since 2017-2018, Los Listos State Preschool offers center-based pre-school services for families who live within the boundaries of Cabrillo Unified School District and qualify under the guidelines of the State Preschool and/or Migrant Education School Readiness Program. 

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Staff Support Directory

Our Migrant and Los Listos State Preschool staff members and the services provided are possible through because of the support of multiple funds including:  State Preschool Program, Title I, Title III, LCAP, Common Core Funding, and Big Lift Collaborative. For assistance with Migrant Education Program or State Preschool, please contact us.

Migrant Administrative Assistant

Cesilia Gutierrez-Gaytan


Family Services Specialist

Judith Cortes


Family Engagement, Early Learning, and Special Program Coordinator

Rosalva Segura


Los Listos Preschool Educator

Graciela Krabbenschmidt


Los Listos Preschool Educator

Los Listos Preschool Para Educator

Yudi Haro                

Haley Mulderick




Morning Class

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.


Afternoon Class

Hours: 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Eligibility and Enrollment 


California State Preschool Program (CSPP) agencies can serve children who will turn three years of age on or before December 2nd of the current school year, or once they have turned three years old from December 3rd and on.


Children who are receiving Child Protection Services or who are at risk of abuse or neglect are served first, without regard to income. Families must be low income (except for Child Protection Services children). The chart below shows the maximum monthly incomes* for families of different sizes, effective July 1, 2021.

Family Size Monthly Yearly
1-2 $5,889 $70,665
3 $6,511 $78,135
4 $7,441 $89,297
5 $8,632 $103,584
6 $9,823 $117,872
7 $10,046 $120,550
8 $10,269 $123,230
9 $10,492 $125,909
10 $10,716 $128,587
11 $10,939 $131,266
12 or more $11,162 $133,946

*If you are over the maximum income ceiling, talk to the Care Providers as there might still be a chance of receiving care on a case-by-case basis.

Our Program

Los Listos State Preschool prepares students to be kindergarten-ready by the end of the program. This is demonstrated by positive student outcomes on the Brigance, the PALS Academic Assessment, and Desired Results Developmental Profile. Los Listos State Preschool incorporates both direct instruction and interactive strategies designed to help develop independent learners through their participation in cooperative learning groups. The preschool classroom instructional day is designed to develop and expand oral language skills and vocabulary through play, song, and field trip experiences. Basic understanding of number concepts and number sense are reinforced through activities such as counting, graphing weather, using manipulatives, and recognizing shapes and colors. 

Our goal is for students to show a gain of 10 points on the Brigance assessment as they enter kindergarten and to know at least 10 or more English uppercase letter names or letter sounds. Our focus is to prepare students with necessary skills needed to enter ready for kindergarten.

With emphasis on literacy, English Language Development (ELD), math, and social/emotional development, and based on Pre-Kindergarten standards, our preschool program currently uses preschool research-based curriculums in different combinations with embedded literacy activities. The curriculum we use is comprised of Los Listos; teacher-created hands-on materials, creative curriculum and the Preschool Learning Foundations. The instructional methods include Center-based instruction with small groups. Parent and child interactive activities are carried twice per month and we maintain a clear and centered focus on family literacy, social emotional learning, transitions to kindergarten, and health education and screenings. 

Because there are still many students who do not have the opportunity to have a preschool experience, we work hard to address this disparity. We conduct regular assessment of ALL preschool students. One of our region’s goals is to assure that all preschool students receive, at the least, an annual assessment and that the results of that assessment be shared with their parents and Los Listos State Preschool participates in this process. Advocacy is also an important component. Our staff and parents assist with this process by becoming more aware of the existing preschool services in their communities, by meeting regularly with existing providers, by providing information to all families in regard to these programs, and by advocating for migrant preschool children based on actual assessment information.





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