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Cabrillo Unified School District
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Non-discrimination policy.

El Granada Elementary Presentation 
Bully Prevention and Remediation at El Granada

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Joyful Learning

At El Granada, exploration is at the heart of learning. Within the classroom, this means hands-on learning and the freedom to take risks. Outside of the classroom, events such as Literacy Night, Math Game Night, and Arts and Science Day create extra opportunities for students to build special bonds with classmates and their families as they explore and learn.

Exploring language and acting out stories helps children to add details, action and dialogue to their writing. In math, students use tools and manipulatives to explore core concepts of number, place value and arithmetic. In science, students connect with the world by experimenting with plants, animal and insect life cycles inside and outside of the classroom.  On Arts and Science Day students choose from a wide range of parentled, hands-on lessons on topics such as ice cream making, jazz or rocket building.

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