School Climate

In our School Climate section you will find detailed information on our PBIS approach, expectation matrix, referral process and school safety and bully prevention presentation.

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS) is a framework for identifying and teaching school expectations that will help our students learn, grow and succeed in a safe and caring environment.


PBIS emphasizes problem prevention. This proactive approach helps students learn, practice and understand expectations and actions that will help them succeed in the classroom and at El Granada.


Our expectations for what students experience every day is a school where we SWIM with the Dolphins. We are Safe, weWork Hard, we are Inclusive and we Make Good Choices. These are standards that will help our students succeed in school and in life.


We have defined and taught expectations for all of the settings in our school. For example we have taught and practiced that we are safe on the playground when we stay in designated areas. We work hard in the library when we return books on time. We are inclusive in the lunchroom when we invite others to sit with us, and we make good choices in the office when we wait patiently and use good manners.

Teaching these expectations helps us make the most of learning time for every student, every day.


SWIM (Be Safe,Work Hard, Be Inclusive,Make Good Choices)

We have specific expectations shown below for activites that include: PLAYGROUND, LUNCH, LIBRARY, BATHROOMS, ASSEMBLIES, OFFICE, PICK UP / DISMISSAL, RIDING THE BUS.

Referral Process

Teacher Managed Behaviors are those behaviors that are dealt with directly by staff members, usually in the context of where the behavior occurs. If problem behaviors persist following implementation of re-teaching or staff managed consequences, these behaviors can be referred to the office. Teacher managed behaviors can range from disrupting the learning environment to not following directions in the lunchroom.

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